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Whom We Serve

The most vulnerable in the society especially poor children and elders, which effected severs drought in Northern HARGEISA.

Ensuring Sustainable impact for generations to come and investing in education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.


Help for the drought affected

Famine has been officially declared in Somaliland, and drought conditions throughout the region have also led to food crises in Somaliland particularly needy people and their livestock.

Act now to prevent famine in Somaliland

Million people face severe food insecurity.  Hungry children do not attend schools Weakened, malnourished children and illnesses in rural Northern HARGEISA district DHAMAL BALI ADAN

We work to end hunger for good

Humanitarian purpose of helping people whose health and lives are threatened by poverty.

Ways to Make a Difference

Please help people who are sick and have no medicine to cure. There are mothers who bleed and don’t get immediate help.

President and founder of this organization Mahiigaan Charity Faadumo Maxamed Xassan.